A Portrait

I spent half the weekend away at “Questfest”,  a biannual conference for Quest Institute trained cognitive hypnotherapists. Lots of food for thought, hugs, laughter and dancing – what more could one ask for? Unfortunately I missed the second day (and the lovely David Hamilton, in anticipation of whose wise and lilting words I had stayed sober the night before, disco and all) as I woke on the second day feeling dreadful and spent the day in bed at home instead.  All part of fine-tuning my vibration 🙂

J, especially affectionate following my absence, brought to my sick-bed a picture he’d drawn of me.  I wasn’t particularly flattered at first glance, though I appreciated the gesture.  Then J drew my attention to two things – “you’ve got love in your eyes, and a big smile on your face”.  I looked again and noticed the heart-shaped pupils and the enormous smile.  My heart melted.


L by J


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