Walk in West End Woods

The End Of The Holidays

My husband goes back to work tomorrow after nearly two weeks off over Christmas.  To take our minds off that Sunday night feeling we took ourselves for a walk in the woods, something that has been suggested regularly but which has been met with groans from the children until today, when they had to yield to Daddy’s “last day of freedom” request.  C in particular had a wonderful time marvelling at the dens people had made in the Norweigan Spruces and attempting a few of her own, and I’m sure our experiments and discussions about throwing sticks onto the semi-frozen pond counted as “science”.  J and I enjoyed the challenge of crossing a swamp, having picked a particularly untrodden path back to the car (I was glad I’d gone for brown snow boots instead of the white I’d been so tempted by a few weeks ago).

Walk in West End Woods
Den Building

Tomorrow is still officially school holidays which means the children get to watch TV when they get up in the morning, although I am resolved to start getting up earlier in preparation for the start of our new fully home educating lifestyle.  I was going to say “the start of our home education term on Thursday” but that would be much too structured!

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