When I (along with several million other bloggers, no doubt) started posting again on 1 January, I resolved not to let perfectionism get in the way of writing regularly.  A book I very much enjoyed recently – “The Decisive Moment” by Jonah Lehrer – reminded me that making mistakes is one of the most effective ways of learning, so I shall post – and err – away.

In November 2007  my sister gave birth to a baby boy, S.  Three years on, that baby is a fully functioning person with a wide vocabulary, a big personality and all manner of physical skills and capabilities. In November 2010, my brother’s wife gave birth to a baby boy, T. In three years’ time T will be a fully functioning person with a wide vocabulary, a big personality, and all manner of skills and capabilities.  And what will I have to show for the passing of the next three years? Lots of things of  course, not least, God willing, a 10 year old daughter, an 8 year old son, and two lovely nephews.  But I’d also like, in celebration of scrumptious 6-week-old T and the miracle of life in all of us: (1) three years of daily writing experience, and (2) a record of some of my thoughts and the things we have done over our first three years as a fully home-educating family.

So should anyone ever be kind enough to accept my invitation to read this – please bear with me!

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