Cousins in Bellevue Park

Visiting Cardiff


Playing at Grandma's

Grandma’s Playroom

Tree climbing at Clare'sI spent the last few days in Cardiff, taking advantage of the freedom to visit family and friends that our new school-free life allows.  C and J enjoyed seeing their Grandma and 3 year old cousin S, playing in new parks, sleeping in unfamiliar beds and playing with their cousin’s toys.  I met up with two old school friends and their respective children, and with my sister and her family (yes I am exhausted now after all that socialising, but it was worth it!).

I hadn’t seen my friends properly for about a year – the 40th birthday party of one of them doesn’t count to an introvert, and we don’t speak the phone (“The Introvert Advantage” lets me off the hook again here;  apparently I’m not the only Innie to flinch when the phone rings).  It was wonderful catching up with them, and as well as feeling appreciation for my time with them, I am now revelling in the lightness that comes from wiping clean the friendship slate.  I hadn’t really realised until now what a burden I make of the guilt/embarrassment at not being in regular contact with distant friends  between visits. And so I hereby resolve to let go of one more excuse for not being the joyful being I came here to be, leaving me free to bask in my appreciation for the wonderful people I have attracted into my life.

C and cousin S
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