Reasons For Blogging (2)

(2) To create a record of our home educating life.

In 1980 I was given a plain blue “Page-a-Day” diary for Christmas.  I began filling the book with events from my days, filling any spaces with doodles and algebraic equations (I was a well-balanced eleven year old!).

So began a habit which continued, in lined notebooks of various sizes and colours, throughout my teens, twenties, thirties and now forties.  But while there is now more than ever I’d like to record about my life, my notebooks have evolved into what would more accurately be described as journals than diaries.  I use them as a tool to focus and improve my thoughts (and in turn my life experience) – to work through things I want to change and to set and prioritise intentions and goals. They’re more useful than ever, even interesting to look back on, but not much of a record of what we do on a daily basis!

This blog, then, is an opportunity to record some of the highlights of our family life during these precious years when our children are with us.  One day, I’m planning to have the time to look back on it!

So, here are some highlights from the last two days.

There was fencing:

Fencing…  chess …

Chess at Putney Group

… drama…

mask making at Putney group… and “boat”-building …Boat Building at The Lookout… and there were cuddles…

Cordie & Thomas

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