Modern Scrabble

My friend S has been trying to get me into the iPhone version of Scrabble,  “Words With Friends,” for months, but I’d been resisting (the old enemy perfectionism again.  People have run marathons waiting for me to take my turn at the board version).  But yesterday J (5) reminded me that we had started a game several weeks ago (played between him on our iPad and me on my iPhone) and asked if we could continue it.  And so began Scrabble-mania in our house.

Rarely have I seen J give so much sustained attention to combinations of vowels and consonants, eagerly arranging his letters into the words I suggest, his love of games and in particular scoring points overcoming his aversion to anything that smacks of that Curriculum subject “Literacy”. We played yesterday at home, in the hairdressers, and in the car waiting for C’s drama class to finish (J even put a word of his own down when I went in to collect her!), and carried on at breakfast this morning, when C joined in on her iTouch.  The three of us spent a large and happy part of the morning playing simultaneous multiple games with eachother in every possible permutation, while  I drank tea and indulged my perfectionism in the knowledge that this is how home ed is “supposed” to look.

I haven’t even been deterred by finding the game  – when looking for a link to insert into this post – listed under “Apps For Mums And Dads”!  Got to go now, S, my sister and my husband are all waiting for me to take my turn.

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