I love Thursdays!

I absolutely love Thursdays!  We go to the library first thing and then spend the whole wonderful day at home until we drop C off at Stagecoach at 430pm.  C gets the benefit of a quiet day before her 3 hour class and I get to catch up on everything around the house – cleaning out the guinea pigs, paperwork, J’s party invites, vacuuming – giving me a delicious sense of accomplishment.  Plus there’s been time to play in the garden (without my coat today – a miracle – it must be spring!! C and J appeared back later without any clothes at all, declaring it to be summer, but I wouldn’t go that far!) and I was able to help C do some dog research (she’s on a mission to persuade Daddy to let us get a dog, and has decided that finding out everything involved in owning one will help her cause).

And now I’m sitting down with a cup of peppermint tea looking through my well-loved copy of Delia Smith’s Complete Illustrated Cookery Course for a cake to make for our home education group tomorrow. Ahhhhh, bliss 🙂

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4 thoughts on “I love Thursdays!

  1. I didn’t get round to making the cake – too busy reading blogs LOL! Although I did have fun calculating the relative area of my cake tins to the ones Delia’s quantities were based on… before I turned over the page to read “… and if you’re using an 8 inch cake tin instead of 7″, just use 6 oz of …”! Still, it’s been ages since I used pi in a real life situation 😀

  2. Postscript: An hour after writing this post I read Geek Dad’s review of the time/life management book, “168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think”. Apparently the reason the author uses the 168 hours figure is that “twenty-four hours seems like such a short amount of time to cram everything in, but our lives are often lived out a week at a time. Our natural rhythm and our schedules are often made up of weeks more than individual days, and 168 hours seems like a lot more to play with and is a bit more flexible than a single day”. Those of you who know how much I love synchronicities will appreciate how much I enjoyed reading that. The Geek Dad blogger is even a homeschooling dad!

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