Half Term

Today, while many parents wondered how to keep their children entertained during a winter half term, I waved goodbye to mine as they enthusiastically set off for a day’s football skills training (C) and a multi-sports course (J). When C and J were at school they desperately needed half term holidays to relax and recharge but now, as C recently observed, “it’s like half term all the time”, and it’s lovely to see the children full of energy and ready to take advantage of what’s on offer locally this week.

Meanwhile I had a day like many I had back when we were a more conventional, school-going family – I went to the gym, decluttered the junk-modelling boxes (the original had multiplied!) and took the cat to the vet (the poor thing has cystitis on top of nursing week old kittens).  The only difference was the crowds – there were children and parents everywhere! It made me appreciate how peaceful it is during term time.  While I think the school system is outdated and urgently in need of reform, until the happy day when that happens and all children are free to fully enjoy their local communities, my children and I shall continue to appreciate the spacious ice rinks, quiet leisure centres, and uncrowded museums that are a regular part of our home educating life!

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