Coronation Rec Feb 11

Sunshine and Lemons

Another lovely Thursday.  Different from usual, because of half term, but no less lovely.  This morning we cheerfully set off for the park, knowing there would be other children to play near (if not with), though I was pleased there weren’t so many that I couldn’t have a few go’s on the zip wire.

Coronation Rec Feb 11

As we basked in the early spring sunshine, I decided it was time to invest in this year’s sunglasses (the first pair, at least – I tend to get through them).  So off we went to Accessorise where C selected these for me (yes that’s her wearing them not me (!)) – they later inspired her to raid the dressing up box that is my wardrobe.  I guess I should probably be flattered.)C in my new sunniesC in my clothes

The sunshine, or maybe the daffodils, made me think of lemons so I continued my baking lessons with a lemon sponge.  I used a recipe from Leiths Cookery Bible which my dear schoolfriend K, a fabulous cook, kindly bought me about ten years ago in an effort to share with me the joys of cooking (thanks K!).  I don’t know whether it was the recipe (surely Victoria Sandwiches don’t vary that much? My asking the question says a lot about my baking experience) or my increasing expertise with the wooden spoon, but it’s much tastier than the Delia Victoria Sandwich I made last week.  I am particularly proud of the icing – I decided a crunchy lemon glaze would be tastier than Leith’s suggested topping, and found a glaze recipe on the wonderful internet (I love having my iPad to hand when I’m cooking!).  Next time I’ll even know to adjust the quantities – the glaze probably didn’t strictly need to be a centimetre thick, nor my kitchen worktop coated in the overflow!

Lemon sponge

A lovely, sunny, lemony Thursday 🙂

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