Newborn Elliot


Some lovely things that have happened this week (so far!):

  • I met my newest Godson, who is shaping up to be every bit as delicious as his sister (also my Godchild – now there’s a double compliment!).  It was quite a long drive for the children to Essex just for lunch, but babies don’t stay two weeks old for long.  (His mother would appreciate me pointing out that the bottle I’m feeding him in the photo contains expressed milk – latching issues!)

Newborn Elliot

  • Our offer on the new beach house has been accepted! Yay!
  • C just declared today to be “the best day ever!”  She was tucking into her fourth pancake at the time, but I’ll take appreciation where I find it 🙂   Even better, she followed up with “in school, the pancakes get smaller the older you get!”, answering for today, at least, the question never far from my mind,  “Is she still glad she chose to leave school?”  (The face-paint is “rock star”, apparently, in case you were wondering.)

Pancake Day

  • C spontaneously picked up “Leonardo And The Flying Boy” (ordered in anticipation of our Florence trip, and which happened to be lying on the table in a pile of clutter) and excitedly read it aloud to Jasper and I.  Hurray, successful (if inadvertent) strewing!

I’m looking forward to the second half of the week 🙂

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