Arty Science

Well I’m still on track for staying on Euro time – I woke naturally before 6 am and felt like I’d had a whole day by 9! Which was very pleasing, and meant that at 10 am we still had time to do a bit of “science” before picking up our various animals from their holiday homes.

I’d seen this on Learning All The Time and Adventures In Mommydom and thought it looked fun.  Before we started, C had been whining about wanting to go and pick up Trixie Cat (which we couldn’t do til 11) but by the end I had to drag her away!  I didn’t have time to check the details of the experiment before we started (if I had, this one would probably have gone the way of so many other good intentions, ie not at all) so ours didn’t follow all the steps, but basically, we each started out with a saucer of milk, to which we added drops of food colouring.  In theory nothing exciting was meant to happen at this stage until we added “the magic ingredient” (washing-up liquid) but that wasn’t taking into account our exciting food colourings!

I don’t know whether it was that we were using semi-skimmed milk or Waitrose’s natural food colourings, but C and J were thrilled with the effect of adding yellow and the green to the milk even before we got to any magic ingredients!  “Planets!!” spinning in orbit were just some of the resulting creations; actually I was so caught up in the fun I don’t remember much else that was said but  I do know the vivid and excited descriptions flowed as abundantly as the milk!  (My excitement also accounts for the rapidly snapped pictures – it all looked much better in real life 😐  )

I had no cotton buds so we used straws, which lent themselves perfectly to blowing patterns into the colourful milk.

A wonderful half hour experimenting ended with blowing enormous bubbles in the soapy milk, a promise to repeat the experiment again soon,  and a mad dash to the pet shop before guinea-pig collecting hours ended!

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