Preliminary Observations

So on Monday I started an experiment aimed at prolonging the feeling of freedom and lightness I brought back from holiday.   So far, I’d say the experiment’s been a success, at least in so far as I have some insight into what usually happens to those good feelings as I settle back into the routine of daily life! Here are some observations so far:

1. I’ve noticed that when something works for me – goes well – I have a tendency to make it into a new rule or standard and then make myself wrong for not measuring up to it.  For instance, on Sunday I spontaneously tidied the children’s rooms before going downstairs for breakfast.  As I did it I felt good, and I thought to myself “Wow, that was easy.  If I did this every day their rooms would never have a chance to get too messy!”  Fast forward to today – as I brushed my teeth I found myself thinking “oh no, I’ve got to tidy their rooms before breakfast 🙁 “ !

2. Taking short breaks really works – and  I have to be very intentional to take them!  My default tendency is to take deferred gratification to the extreme – I’ve been known to delay having breakfast until mid-morning in order to be able to relax while I eat, after “everything else” is done (unloading the dishwasher … cleaning the kitchen … tidying the craft area …  emptying the cat litter… having a “quick vaccuum”…)!  But as Abraham-Hicks say, no one ever does anything or wants anything except for the reason that they think they will feel better for the doing or having of it.  So if the intention is to relax, then relax – instead of resentfully working away for two hours on the promise of five minutes “relaxation” – as if relaxation were a scarce resource, not of a state of mind and body we can choose at any moment!

I don’t know whether it’s the experiment or the spring sunshine, but I’m having a wonderful week.  The last two days I’ve found myself more than once contentedly sighing and thinking one of my favourite thoughts, “I’m so glad we home educate!”

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