In The Garden

Day 5 of the experiment and it’s going pretty well.  I seem to be waking up earlier and earlier (545 this morning!) but that’s not a bad thing as the clocks go forward to British Summer Time tomorrow.  I’m finding the time in bed just after waking naturally is perfect for catching up on blogs in my Byline reader. I didn’t do so well remembering to take breaks yesterday – I found myself doing that one-thing-leads-straight-into-another thing for most of the afternoon.  I managed to find 15 minutes to meditate in My Room just before taking C to Stagecoach but when that was interrupted by J ringing the doorbell (for reasons still unknown :-|) my reaction told me I could have done with a few of those short breaks earlier!  But at least we made the most of the continuing warm weather.

C helped me sow some carrot seeds.  According to the notes that came with our vegetable planter, carrots are super-easy to grow; but then someone told me they need something called a fine tilth over them, so we dutifully made some tilth with our new potting riddle (so many lovely new words!) and sprinkled it over.

We’ve now got spring onion, lettuce, beetroot and carrot seeds outside, pepper seedlings on the kitchen windowsill, and cucumber, tomato and butternut squash seeds in the propagator.  Who knows how much that’s edible that we’ll actually end up with, but the process of watching a seed germinate is so satisfying, this definitely isn’t only about the end product.

Watering the compost in the sunshine gave C a hankering for an outdoor shower herself, so I was persuaded to dig  out the sprinkler and hose and those crazy kids played in it for a good half hour then got dry lying in the sun wrapped in towels.  Ski tans were topped up!  I remember now how much is involved on my part in these kind of summer activities (fetching swimmers & towels, sorting them out afterwards, supervising coming back in to avoid muddy footprints through the house) which accounts for my forgetting to take those breath-stops.

A lovely day in the sun.  And I’m ready with the plastic bags to protect our seeds from next week’s threatened  frosts!

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