Marshmallow Geometry Fun

Cocktail sticks and a pack of stale mini marshmallows are perfect supplies for some 3D marshmallow geometry.
We started out with simple shapes.

marshmallow geometry

marshmallow geometry

I wanted to make a fractal tetrahedron like these, but it turned out  trickier than  anticipated, especially without the instructions to hand.

My creation wasn’t very geometric! I’ve since read that the trick is to start with a flat base instead of a single tetrahedron.

marshmallow geometry

Kinaesthetic learners will love this hands-on activity.  You end up with lightweight, tactile shapes that, thanks to the squidgy marshmallows, are strong enough to play around with until you’re satisfied with your shape.

marshmallow geometry
C came up with some wonderful – and geometric! – shapes.
marshmallow geometry
It made a fabulous ferris wheel on its side
marshmallow geometry
Which she signed with her initials

J made me think of those creativity tests as he reeled off things his simple models could be (radiator, ladder, goalpost…).

marshmallow geometry
J(5)’s designs

As we played J asked if  we could have “Poetry Breakfast”.

It occurred to me how different my children’s first hearing of “Macavity The Mystery Cat” was to my own, in a classroom!

marshmallow geometry
Poetry breakfast
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5 thoughts on “Marshmallow Geometry Fun

  1. Love the cuppa in the photo! This looks like real fun (and I wondered what the marshmallows on your kitchen worksurface were for!) and one we might try at home! Xx

  2. It’s definitely one that will be repeated! Whenever I post photos of our table it occurs to me that I really ought to change the Christmas table cloth 😀

  3. Digging through your archive of Geometry posts tonight looking for inspiration. We’ve had good luck with the Singapore Math series, but the very last chapter of the elementary series felt rushed and disjointed and as taken the joy out of math. We need to spend a little time just having FUN with math and enjoying it. Thanks for all the posts and suggestions.

    P.S. J and C are so young and cute in the picture!

    1. They do look very young, don’t they! Especially J. I shall look forward to hearing about your fun maths, Carol. I bet with your scientific and creative mind you will have a blast.

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