The Joy Of A Rainy Bank Holiday

Grey skies and strong winds, plus a nasty calf sprain poor Big J suffered trying to keep up with the children at the park on Saturday, brought us back inland yesterday, so we’ve spent the second half of the bank holiday weekend at home.  I had planned to use the rest of this week decluttering while the children are on a sports course but – yay – I got ahead of myself!

I am blessed with a wonderful room here all of my own. It has bookshelves, a desk, comfortable chairs, a little table, and beautiful curtains (I love the curtains.  When they were first hung I renamed the room – formerly my “office” – “Mummy’s Parlour” 🙂 )  But …  Mummy’s Parlour had begun to drown in paper. The desk, the stool, and a large proportion of the floor were covered in old bills, invoices, guarantees, swimming certificates, school photos (from Cordie’s nursery days – ahem) – you get the picture.  I had found myself, lately, opening the door a crack, and lobbing in a bank statement before making a fast retreat, shutting the door tight behind me to stop anything escaping the kittens going in and having the time of their lives.

And now … it’s all put away [smug, happy grin].

Now, instead of avoiding my room, I can’t resist taking a peek every time I pass.  Ahhhh.  Bliss.

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