A Day In Spain

Today we went to Spain! Well, virtually 🙂 With the help of You Tube, we tapped our feet to flamenco guitar, danced to the Gypsy Kings, and watched in awe as robed, hooded figures carried the Virgin Mary up Granada’s winding, hilly streets during a silent midnight Semana Santa parade.

We admired Spain’s flag: C took pleasure in colouring its intricate coat of arms beautifully.

J was surprised to find chain mail on the flag.  (We recently tried our strength lifting chain mail at a Medieval History Activity Day – we have new respect for medieval knights!)

We found Spain on our inflatable globe, coloured it on an outline map of Europe, and C and J noted with surprise the anomalous British rock, Gibraltar, off Spain’s southern-most coast (and enjoyed my stories of how I would treat myself to Heinz baked beans and Typhoo tea there when I lived in Spain!)

J and C learnt some essential Spanish phrases – hello, thank you, chocolate ice cream, etc.  And best of all, we lunched on patatas bravas, chorizo and tortilla at our local tapas restaurant, which really made us feel like we were ‘”de vacacionnes en España” 🙂

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