Wow, this week certainly has been a change of pace!  I can see now why experienced homeschoolers recommend starting only one new subject per week!  I realised today that this week I have taken on rather more than I can comfortably chew, but hey – there’s nothing can’t be helped with a good night’s sleep 🙂

And it’s worth it.  If C and J were at school they still would have done maths and history and French and English today, or something very similar.  They still would have joined with other children playing tennis (J) and doing drama (C) “after school”.

But we probably wouldn’t have had the pleasure of picking apples from the garden together this afternoon.  I wouldn’t have looked on as they grappled awkwardly but determinedly with vegetable peelers as they made their first apple and blackberry crumbles (one to eat, one for the freezer),

or seen them happily engage in a game of Battleships while I cooked lunch (ok, happily engage in the first half of a game of Battleships…!),

or shared a moment of appreciation with my daughter as we studied Renoir’s “A Girl With A Watering Can” together over an unhurried breakfast.  These are the experiences I focus on whenever I find myself craving  introvert space.  I wouldn’t give them up for the world. And there’s always a mummy reboot 🙂

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