End Of Our First Week

“Ahhhh”.  That’s the sound of me basking in the wonderfully satisfying feeling of everything working out perfectly. 🙂

After months of dreaming up how I wanted our homeschool to look this year, and slightly trepidatious wondering what the children would make of my plans, anxiety is giving way to excitement at the prospect of the great year we’re going to have.

As I made lunch earlier I casually (?!) asked C and J separately what they’d thought of the week – what they’d especially liked and if there was anything they’d like to change.  In the understated way children have they both gave the thumbs up.  J’s verdict: “fine” (in the tone of voice I can just imagine him using when he’s keen to leave the house and his future wife asks “how do I look?”).  He particularly liked the maths and art apparently (we had just done those two subjects so that may have had something to do with it!).  One thing I know is that J does not hold back from letting his feelings known when he doesn’t like something!   C said she’d liked it all apart from one specific book (“and that was just because I was feeling tired”), especially maths, and asked for more art.  Next week our history curriculum gets very art & crafty (yikes!) so she should like that.

We each celebrated the wrap up of a successful week in our own ways:  C and J went crazy in the paddling pool (lucky neighbours!), while I reorganised a cupboard in our open-plan area to create a new shelf for our colour-coded notebook ring binders, which gave me enormous satisfaction.  I know how to live!! 😀

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