Week in My Life – Friday

Welcome to my final post in Week in My Life 2013. Click here for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Today’s dog walk

Most Fridays at 12 PM J(8) has therapy for his Sensory Processing Disorder. This week, though, his appointment was at 9:30 AM. Combined with the hour long round trip, that took up most of our morning. I had a lovely walk while J(8) had his session.

After lunch C(9) practised her last few multiplication facts using the free booklet Nothin’ But the Facts.

times tables

One strategy the book suggests for the twelve times table is tens plus twos. So 12 x 11 is 10 x 11, plus double eleven.  C(9) also enjoys the number patterns the book leads you to discover.

I like how all the multiplication tips make you think about numbers instead of just requiring rote memorisation.

J(8), meanwhile, is enjoying working through Life of Fred: Ice Cream. He’s very pleased with himself this week for discovering that a ream of paper is 500 sheets. It’s the random things, sometimes!

After our kazoo project on Wednesday, this afternoon we watched a few videos about the science of sound. We especially liked the amazing water & sound experiment.


J(8) wants to reproduce the experiment.  Now I just have to figure out how to produce a 24hz sound wave.

In the meantime we made our own “Moaning Myrtle” – a vibrating hex nut inside a balloon. I couldn’t find any nuts in the tool box so I had to attack C(9)’s project chair with a spanner.

Screaming balloon

I was very proud of myself for remembering to screw the nut back on later.

nut screw

While C(9) packed for this weekend’s Cub Camp, J(8) helped me make blueberry muffins. We used a packet mix, so for once the results were gluten-free and edible.

blueberry muffins and poetry

We enjoyed our muffins with cocoa and poetry.

Poetry teatime

At 4:15PM I dropped C(9) at her Stagecoach class and took J(8) to trampolining.

learning lines
C(9) learning her Bugsy Malone lines

Week in My Life has been lots of fun. And next week my family are going to enjoy not feeling like they’re starring in a reality TV show. 😉

Adventuroo WIML fri 13




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12 thoughts on “Week in My Life – Friday

    1. Thank you for reading along, Marie-Claude! It was great fun but recording it all every day on top of actually living it was quite full-on! I’m looking forward to having time to catch up with my friends’ blogs over the weekend!

      1. It would be a bit of a chore to record everything – as it is photographing our Chinese stuff becomes work, rather than sheer experience – I can imagine how it would feel for an entire week! But the voyeur in me did appreciate it 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  1. It is always interesting to see what others are up to and you’ve had a fab week! I have GOT to get out more!!
    Lucinda, I’m reading Sandra Dodd’s big book of unschooling at the moment and was wondering if you’d read it? Very thought provoking and worth a read.

    1. LOL – I’ve GOT to stay in more! And do more field trips like Hwee! Hmm, there’s a pattern there … 😀

      No I haven’t read Sandra Dodd’s book … not sure how that one’s passed me by, I have a dozen of unschooling books on my shelf! Perhaps because she has such a deep and comprehensive website. I’ll look it up, though – thanks.

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