Science Books

Science Experiments

Science Experiments – Robert Winston

Living Books

The Magic School Bus series – Joanna Cole


The Mystery of the Periodic Table – Benjamin Wiker

Relativity and quantum science

The Time and Space of Uncle Albert – Russell Stannard

Black Holes and Uncle Albert – Russell Stannard

Uncle Albert and the Quantum Quest – Russell Stannard


Secrets of the Universe: Principles of Light, Electricity and Magnetism – Paul Fleisher

Other books in the Secrets of the Universe series – Paul Fleisher

The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip – Joanna Cole (wonderful explanation of how electromagnetic motors work)

Visual Books for Strewing

I rotate these in our downstairs bathroom!

The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe – Theodore Gray

Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything – Theodore Gray



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