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Best Not Back to School Week Ever

Here’s what we were doing while the other children in our town were shuffling, uniform-clad, back to school this week …

not back to school photos

Not Back To School Photos
What better way to celebrate life and freedom when it’s a pleasant 26 C (79 F) and you live near the river?
Not Back To School Photos
Plenty of time to watch the pond skaters
Not  Back To School Photos
Lots of swinging, nature, and water fun (yes, me too!)
Rugby girl
My little girl started back at rugby 😀
Not back to school collage
Art journalling, minecrafting with friends, and settling in the new puppy

Homeschooling just gets better and better.


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Homeschooling And Extra-Curricular Activities – How Much Is Too Much?

Homeschool help  1

“Do you make your daughter do so many extra-curricular activities because you feel guilty about taking her out of school?” asked a rather blunt acquaintance a few weeks after I began homeschooling my seven year old.

The question took me aback. For a moment I fell into anxious self-examination.

Was the woman right? Was I enrolling C(7) to every club going out of some paranoid fear that she was missing out, now that she was home-educated?

Then I remembered why C chose to be homeschooled.

Here was a child who enthusiastically threw herself at every opportunity (the more physical the better). Who at age six, looked up local judo clubs when I (concerned about our already busy schedule) dragged my heels following her request to learn it. A child so busy trying to fit in school, homework, her many sports, her artistic activities and playdates, that I barely saw her.

And when I did see her, it was as chauffeur and personal assistant to a tired and all too often grumpy little girl. Clearly, something had to go.

After some discussion, we realised that the obvious thing to let go of was school.

Without school and homework taking up the bulk of each day, C(7) was free to throw herself into her passions, see friends, enjoy plenty of downtime,  have a relationship with her family and learn everything she would have at school in much less time.

“No. My daughter left school so that she would have time do all these ‘extra-curricular’ activities.” I told the blunt woman.

Looking back, I wonder if the woman (who was planning to homeschool her two pre-schoolers) was feeling insecure about how few activities her own children did.

But comparing ourselves with others is a sure path to an unfulfilling and unsuccessful homeschooling experience. Only we know the needs of our own family.

In our home, my challenge is to balance the needs of the introverts (my son and me), with those of my extremely extroverted daughter. While J(8) and I crave quiet time immersed in our interests at home, C(9) wants to be out trying new things and meeting new friends.

I would love to be one of those homeschoolers who manage to limit their outside activities to one per child. But to C(9), sharing a house with a couple of introverts, that would be torture.

homeschooling and extra-curricular activities
C(9) in her element at a St George’s Day parade on Sunday

Our Activities

Here’s what our extra-curricular schedule looks like this term:

C(9)’s activities

Monday – karate

Tuesday – group guitar lesson, home-ed centre, gymnastics *

Wednesday – Cub Scouts, free swimming

Thursday – climbing

Friday – Stagecoach (3 hours of singing, drama and dance)

Sunday – rugby (September – April)

*Tuesdays also involve 2 hours driving – just don’t ask me to string a sentence together after 6pm

J(8)’s activities

Tuesday – home-ed centre

Wednesday – Occupational Therapy (1-1), swimming lesson

Thursday – climbing

Balancing everyone’s needs

So how do we introverts cope?

Some of C(9)’s activities are close to home, others involve J(8) and me waiting around for her.  We use waiting time to listen to audiobooks, walk in nature with our dog, read,  write and meditate (me), and play iPad games (J). We have our own headphones and, frankly, while C(9) – we love her very much! – is off talking to other people, we enjoy a bit of peace!

Looking ahead

As C(9) gets older I know her social needs are going to continue to challenge me – but I love that I get to spend so much time with my young bundle of energy.

If homeschooling her through the years to come means organising teen clubs and writing groups, art workshops and science co-ops, I’m up for it. She won’t be at home forever, and I want to make the most of every moment.

homeschooling extra-curricular activities - horse-riding
Horse-riding at her cousins’ house

How much is too much?

How many activities should your child do? Only you and your family can answer that. If two activities a week leaves you with no energy to do what’s important to you, then two is too much, no matter how outgoing your child is.

And if someone asks why you’re “making” your child do so much, just smile and know that you’re doing what’s right for your family.

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Cricket & Consequences

It’s been a week of cricket!  C started on Monday, looking very much the part in whites handed down (along with Trixie cat) by our friends who emigrated to Australia.  Being on our own reminded J and I of our days before C left school.  We played lots of games and looked forward to picking C up once we’d had enough of the peace!

A game of "consequences"

After a day at our home-ed centre on Tuesday, J decided to join in the cricket on Wednesday and Thursday so I had two whole days to make a start on the decluttering I’d planned for next week while the children are at summer camp.

J's Room - unrecognizable compared with before!

Plus lots of planning for the next school year which, inspired by all the wonderful homeschooling bloggers out there, is definitely my favourite pastime at the moment! I just need to work on that non-strong suit of mine – finishing, in this case ending up with something we can put into practice in our homeschool come September!


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