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Shiny New Toy

I’ve fallen more in love with my iPad over the last week than ever.  Last week I discovered how easy it is to buy my favourite TV programmes on iTunes – £10 got me the entire first season of fantastic US comedy The Big Bang Theory (17 episodes) to take on holiday.  Since I enjoyed Centerparcs more than I’d anticipated, I came home with 14 unwatched episodes, one of which DH miraculously “beamed” from the iPad onto our TV last night at the touch of a button.  Miraculous!

Meanwhile, since I got the iPad last August I’ve been hankering for a proper keyboard so that I can write whole sentences or even paragraphs, instead of being limited to tortuously picking out the letters of Google search terms and website addresses on the software keypad.

Today I got my wish: I am now the proud owner of a shiny, slim, wireless keyboard which hooks up with my iPad over the ether and allows me to touchtype to my heart’s content.  I am looking forward to letting my creative juices flow wherever the mood takes me, and to  making better use of time spent waiting while the children do activities away from home.  I might even get a bit better at replying to emails!

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