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Rediscovered Mojo

I’m inspired to blog again! Driving home from dropping C and J off at the football course they’re doing this week, I put the Hannah Montana movie soundtrack on (loudly!  I love the rare treat of being in the car on my own), and as I belted along with Miley  I felt my mojo come back – yay!

Last weekend I came across a box of old CDs in the loft and I’ve been enjoying rediscovering old favourites – the Bluetones, Belle & Sebastian, Squeeze, REM – in my solo car time this week. I still love the old tunes, but I’m not always up for being pulled back into the old moods and feelings my unconscious mind associates with the time when those songs were the soundtrack of my life.  Of course they were mostly happy times, but I love the wisdom and experience that comes with age and I wouldn’t go back to my 20s for a million pounds!  So it is without apology that I write about my enjoyment of Miley Cyrus’s upbeat, well-produced songs, that evoke  nothing but joyful memories of singing along with them in the car with my beloved children!

I don’t know where my mojo temporarily disappeared to.  We had a lovely week at the beach last week, the children playing out with their friends from breakfast til bedtime. Perhaps I just had too much time to think 😉  I tried not to panic; I reminded myself that the sunshine of wellbeing was still shining brightly somewhere out there, even though clouds were temporarily obscuring it from my view. Yesterday I was ill and being forced into survival mode (no energy to do anything except relax in a sun lounger, yes it’s a hard life, I know) seems to have interrupted the over-thinking.  Today, more relaxing in the garden; it’s good to enjoy the sunshine while it’s out 🙂

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