Fun with Liquid Watercolours

Liquid watercolour paints fun

I knew my kids would love playing with liquid watercolours the first time I saw them on Pinterest.

This was the first time we used the watercolours so we didn’t have any agenda other than experimenting and having fun. Children learn so much in play.  I provided jars of diluted watercolours, watercolour paper and plastic pipettes. Oh – and lots of newspaper and kitchen paper. You’ll see why in the photos!

summer fun with liquid watercolours
Just a little blue to start …
summer fun with liquid watercolours
add a few more colours …
summer fun with liquid watercolours
summer fun with liquid watercolours
then again, maybe there’s space for a bit more paint …
summer fun with liquid watercolours
oops, maybe that was a bit too much!
summer fun with liquid watercolours
C(9) also went for wet on wet (but not quite as wet as J(8))!
summer fun with liquid watercolours
lovely colours
summer fun with liquid watercolours
I experimented with brushing the paper with diagonal wet stripes
summer fun with liquid watercolours
J(8)’s purple period


Liquid watercolour fun for kids

I don’t know whether liquid watercolours aren’t used in the UK as much as in the USA – I hadn’t come across them before, and had to order them from Amazon US. We had so much fun with a very small quantity, though,  so the shipping cost was worth it. C has even been recycling some of her watercolour art by photocopying it and using it in her art journal.  This is definitely an activity we’ll be repeating over the summer!


Liquid watercolour fun

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10 thoughts on “Fun with Liquid Watercolours

  1. The results look gorgeous! I think liquid watercolour is just starting to enter the market here while it has always been available in the US. A substitute might be drawing inks.

    1. Thanks, Hwee! We were very pleased with how pretty the effects were, for our first time playing. Good idea about the drawing inks, you could mix colours too I guess.

  2. Lucinda,

    Such satisfying results. I love the back to front shirts! Are you going to use the paintings for any other project? I could just imagine then being cut up to decorate little notebooks or something similar.

    1. Hello Sue, I love recycling James’ old shirts for art cover-ups! C(9) has been using her paintings in her art journal – they look gorgeous. Brilliant idea about notebook covering – I’ll mention that to C, she’s quite crafty in that way – it’s definitely not my area of expertise!

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